Video interviewing: are you ready for your close-up?

Video Interview

Technology drives efficiency. Usually I am all in favor, but sometimes efficiency pushes aside humanity. One new trend in hiring technology that may cross this line is the subject of this week’s discussion: Video Interviewing. What is it? What are the pros and cons? It may be coming sooner than you think.
Over the last few years there has been buzz about video interviewing as an efficient new tool in recruiting.  Unlike Skype where you speak with a person through the computer, video interviewing allows the recruiter or hiring manager to pre-record their questions and the candidate has a limited time to respond on camera.
  • Convenience: Interviews can be done at the candidate’s convenience.
  • Efficiency: This is an efficient way to get through that first “screening” interview and determine basic qualification for the role.
  • Fairness: Everyone gets the exact same questions asked in the exact same way which reduces bias.
  • Speed: This allows hiring managers and recruiters to quickly screen many candidates and narrow the pool of people they do speak with down to the most qualified.
  • Awkward: Providing a timed response on camera is strange and stressful. For some, “stage fright” could prevent answering even the most basic questions.
  • Robotic: Human interviewers provide that personal connection which helps ease the stress that can come with changing jobs. They can offer validation of work experience, direction for further advancement and encouragement to pursue goals.  Lacking this interaction, many candidates will self-select out of the process.
  • Experience:  Being recruited for a new job makes you feel special. Someone is telling you they like you and want you. The initial meeting sets the stage for the relationship and the overall experience. To use the analogy of a restaurant, the human interview is the fine dining experience where the waiter explains the specials, suggests wine pairings, and asks you your preferences. Video interviewing could be seen as being more akin to ordering fast food takeout from the kiosk at the drive-thru.
Video interviewing has been building momentum.  For the most part, a good recruiter can still walk you past all this and introduce you directly to the people with whom you will be working. Is video interviewing the way of the future? Next week I will share success strategies for both Skype and Video Interviews.
–Patti Cusack
Artemis Precision Search