The Cyber Challenge for a New Era

This morning I attended the FCW Cybersecurity Summit: The Cyber Challenge for a New Era (#FCWCyber). I’ve put together a high level overview of the top focus areas discussed. My key takeaway is that we have brilliant people running our federal cybersecurity programs who are dedicated to protecting their agencies, the US government, and the American people. THANK YOU!

Here are some of the big themes that were covered at the FCW Cybersecurity Summit this morning in Washington, DC:
  • Cybersecurity programs need to be fully integrated and managed from the enterprise level.
  • Speed and agility are key. The time it takes to identify a threat, respond to it, and recover from it is critical.  Artificial intelligence and automation help us to respond faster and smarter.
  • Talent resources are critically limited.  Dr. Shue-Jane Thompson, VP and Partner at IBM Cyber Security and Biometrics referenced the statistic that by 2020 more than 3.5 MILLION Cyber Security jobs will go unfilled.
  • Keep the big picture in focus.  Peter Kim, US Air Force CISO, spoke to the crippling effects of bogging down the front lines with excessive regulation and rules. He and his teams are working to empower people to do what they need to do to make the mission successful while keeping security front of mind.
  • Best ROI: Modernize IT.  Laura Gerhardt, Technical Lead and Developer at GSA referenced the statistic that 1% increase in new IT development results in a 5% decrease in security spending.
  • Secure your acquisitions: Make sure the technology you purchase is from a reliable source and is genuine (not gray market). This is a risk area that Cyber leaders are working hard to manage.
  • Vulnerability Disclosure and “Bug Bounty” programs are on the rise and working well. These programs allow organizations to push out the technical expertise beyond their borders to identify areas of potential risk.