The Shift to Contract Staffing

At Artemis Precision Search, we want to ensure that our candidates and clients are being offered all possible options for their employment and hiring needs. As a result, we are in the process of adding contract staffing to our company.  

Why contract staffing? It can sound daunting at first, mainly to companies who have never utilized a staffing agency for their hiring needs, or to candidates who have been met with concern at the thought of working on a short-term contract. Fortunately, though, there are numerous benefits to both parties, and it is a route that companies and candidates alike are leaning toward.  

Contracting – for Companies 

What are some of the benefits associated with adding contract work to employment options? Some thoughts to consider: 

  • Try before you buy. Hiring managers have the option to “test out” a candidate before bringing them on as a permanent, full-time hire. This will also allow hiring managers to better assess the candidate’s skills, work ethic, as well as how they fit in with the corporate culture.  
  • Deadlines and short-term projects. If companies have a tight deadline that needs to be met or a project duration of only 3-6 months, a contract employee might be the best option. It will also be easier for the hiring manager to come across candidates with the specialized talent they might need for the project.  
  • Budget control. By working with contract employees, companies can cut costs associated with payroll, administrative expenses, as well as benefit expenses. Contractors are also only typically paid for the time they work, usually on an hourly basis.  
  • Qualified candidate pool. Companies will have access to well-qualified candidates that are specialized, and often certified, in a variety of fields. Usually, these candidates do not need training (aside from learning the policies and procedures of the company), and as a bonus, the recruitment agency will handle the sourcing, preliminary interviews, and background checks needed before hiring.  

Contracting – for Candidates 

When we talk about contract staffing, the focus is usually on the benefits provided to the company. However, there are many benefits that candidates can gain from opting to work on a temporary contract: 

  • Feeling out a company. Similar to how companies can try out a potential employee, candidates are able to use their few months of employment to “feel out” a company and see if they are interested in their practices or corporate culture.  
  • Varied work experience. Contractors will have the option to dip their feet into a variety of positions and companies that they can add to their resume. And, for the most part, companies typically like to see a well-rounded candidate that has experience working for different hiring managers.  
  • Flexible lifestyle. Contractors often have the option to work a flexible schedule – depending on the position and company, contractors can set their own hours and how much they work, making it easier to balance work and personal/family life.  
  • Benefits: Contractors have the option to obtain benefits such as health, dental, vision, life insurance, as well as a 401(k) depending on how long they are employed as a contractor.  

Whether you decide to work with us as a client or potential candidate, we use Top Echelon Contracting for our back-office needs. Since 1992, Top Echelon Contracting has specialized in finalizing employment contracts, financial, administrative, and benefit needs for various clients and contractors. For additional information, clients can look at our Contract Staffing page, and potential candidates can look at our Contract Advantages page.  

If you are a company interested with adding contracting opportunities to your business, or a candidate looking to dip your feet into contract employment, do not hesitate to schedule a call with us today for information on how to get started.  

–Nicole Czaja
Artemis Precision Search  

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